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From share pizzas, pan fried gnocchi and deconstructed mezze boards, to twists on classic cocktails – Corbett & Claude has it all.

Inspired by the century old building in Brisbane that the original restaurant still calls home, this old-school pizza house is built upon a passion for bringing friends and colleagues together over good food.

Corbett & Claude’s flagship pizzeria is tucked down an alleyway in Elizabeth Street, boasting that contemporary pizzeria-slash-coffee shop-slash-bistro vibe. For a Tuesday night, the place is jumping – great cocktails and simple, honest food appearing to be the suspect for the buzz.

We began with the revelation of the night – the Goddess Salad. Seemingly simple, the divine quinoa, dried cranberries, green leaves, pumpkin seeds, and fetta mixed with the coveted Corbett zesty lime dressing will be gracing my dreams for weeks to come.

For starters, go the finger-sized blocks of haloumi chips deep fried until crisp. The cheesy garlic bread with rosemary and sea salt is exactly as described – a thin crusty base topped with a hint of garlic and enough crispy cheese to satisfy daily calcium requirements.

Gnocchi comes in tomato, pesto, mushroom and bolognese, with the option of adding truffle oil (and who wouldn’t add truffle oil?). I’m a recent gnocchi convert, lost at why it took me so long to fall in lust with the pillowy creamy tummy-pleasing comfort food.

The main attraction is, of course, the pizza. The Traveller made its way to our table, a delightful mix of prawns, chorizo and greens, closely followed by The Forager, a delicacy of mushrooms, prosciuto, parmesan, and truffle oil.

When we seemingly couldn’t stomach another bite, The Man Eater arrived, a calzone-like decadence of beef meatballs, ham, pepperoni, and mozzarella. Suited to an appetite larger than life, this colossal ‘cigar pizza’ is dense with flavour.

And so it was time for dessert. What began with a creamy KitKat pudding and indulgent brownie ended with an oozing Nutella and banana calzone, paired with the Nutella espresso martini for a true hazelnut overload. Beware of the Berry White All Night – a twist of elderflower, rum and strawberries – deceptive in it’s alcohol content, but the Blueberry Surprise mocktail is just that – a pleasant surprise.

Owner Tim Johnson has truly hit the nail on the head with his Corbett & Claude creation – you can guarantee we’ll be back time and time again.